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Expert Hardscaping In Orange County

Hardscaping, in the practice of landscaping, refers to the paved areas like streets and sidewalks, large business complexes and housing developments, and other industrial areas where the upper soil profile is no longer exposed to the actual surface of the Earth. Similar to landscaping, hardscape projects customize and beautify your outdoor living space. In addition, most hardscaping incorporates elements that enhance usability. Patios provide an area for entertaining, barbecues create an open air kitchen, and fire pits warm visitors on chilly nights.

V.I.P. can build you a complete outdoor living space that will have you feeling as relaxed in your yard as you do inside of your home. Our experience with hardscaping has enabled us to offer several options to make your yard both beautiful and highly functional. The possibilities include:

  • Patios
  • Stand-Alone Additions
  • Pavilions
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor Stone Fireplaces
  • Paving Surfaces
  • Custom Masonry
  • And much more…

Landscape Design, Orange County

With over 20 years experience in the landscape and pool construction industry, V.I.P Constriction is positioned to help you with any landscape project from simple to complex. The improvement to your property will reflect the passion we have for creating outdoor spaces and gardens.

We take extreme pride in our client’s feedback upon completion of their projects

When you come to V.I.P all of your hardscaping is custom designed and built with you in mind. Our masonry work can include but is not limited to, custom fireplaces, stone fire pits, columns and beautiful, one-of-a-kind entryways. The outdoor kitchens we build are equipped with custom-made amenities, cabinetry, and built-in appliances. We can also include air conditioning in your stand-alone garage, cabana, patio or whatever the outdoor sanctuary you’ve chosen to have built. We want to ensure that the outdoor living space you desire is the one you get, which is why we encourage you to look through our gallery to see the type of professional work we do. When we say we’re a full-service landscaping company, we mean full-service! Call us to design, build and install the tailor-made outdoor living area you’ve always dreamed of.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

“Having a work crew in your backyard for three solid weeks is always unnerving, but this project was painless, quick and actually fun to watch.” Mike Goodgame, Laguna Niguel

“Your crew was very punctual, reliable, and focused on quality, arriving on time and finishing in exactly three days as predicted.”

Susan Molstad, Irvine

“They did an excellent job of listening to our vision. It turned into something that matched and was truly better than we envisioned.”

Andrew H., Lake Forest

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you do your own design work?

Yes. At V.I.P Outdoor Living Spaces, our ultimate goal is to create a well-built, durable projects that meets your needs. V.I.P Outdoor Living Spaces offers full-featured design services. V.I.P’s designer will collaborate with you to design your living space. From the first design meetings and phone calls, through construction, your designer will be on-hand, answering questions and solving problems.

Who is responsible for applying for the permits?

A construction permit or building permit may be required as part of a residential project for new construction, for renovation or for expansion of an existing residence and posted on the job site. V.I.P Outdoor Living Spaces takes full responsibility for acquiring the needed permit throughout the process which includes drawings to the final application.

Do you charge for estimates?

No, V.I.P Outdoor Living Spaces does NOT CHARGE for an estimate. Estimates are always a pleasure.

Do you require a deposit to start the project?

V.I.P Outdoor Living Spaces requires a minimum deposit of $500 due before the start of the project.

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