benefits of fiberglass pools in OC

Why Buy a Fiberglass In-Ground Swimming Pool?

There are many benefits to buying an in-ground fiberglass swimming pool or spa.

Advantages of Fiberglass Pools & Spas

What are the advantages of Fiberglass Pools over traditional pools? If you’re thinking about getting a new pool, you should probably be familiar with the advantages of fiberglass pools. These pools are essentially a one-piece fiberglass shell that is put into a hole dug in your backyard, and just like that, you have a pool. That’s one of the many great things about fiberglass pools: they don’t take long to install. Here at V.I.P construction, we have been building quality fiberglass pools and spas in Orange County for over a decade. The great thing about getting a fiberglass pool is that your fiberglass swimming pool can be installed in as little as 7 days. A concrete pool may take as long as 3 months. The swimming pool shell arrives on-site pre-formed, complete and weatherproof and ready to go.

Fiberglass Pools Are Low-Maintenance Compared To Other Types Of Pools?

MAINTENANCE FREE: Under normal conditions, the “gelcoat” finish never needs painting. Its smooth inert surface cleans easily, resists stains and requires less chemical saving you $$$ and giving you more time to enjoy!

SMOOTH AND SAFE: Unlike other materials, our fiberglass swimming pools are non-abrasive. There are no sharp, dangerous edges, abrasive surfaces so there will be no skin off fingers and toes. We incorporate anti-skid surfaces on all stairs and the pool floor to help keep your family safe.

ADD A LITTLE SALT: Salt water pools are becoming increasingly popular for their healthy, natural feel. Salt water is totally compatible with fiberglass. Durability Fiberglass pools are incredibly durable. Unlike concrete, the water doesn’t interact with the surface, so it doesn’t get worn down over the years. And unlike vinyl, there’s no liner that needs to be replaced, or risks being punctured. Low Cost of Ownership Over the years, the cost of owning a fiberglass pool is very affordable. You’ll never have to pay to replace the liner or get it refinished. And because fewer chemicals are needed to keep the water clean, you’ll spend less on maintenance costs.

YOU GET WHAT YOU SEE: The pool style you select from our catalog is exactly what you get at home. No hit or miss guesswork. All our fiberglass pools and/or spas are manufactured in climate controlled factories and held to the highest standards.

FLEXING ITS MUSCLE: Our fully molded one piece 100% fiberglass swimming pool shell flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement unlike concrete and other pre-formed pools that contain mineral fillers which have reduced flexibility.

LOOKING GOOD: Fiberglass swimming pools come in a fantastic range of new colors, shapes, sizes and designs.

HAVE FUN: That’s all that’s left to do. With the most hassle-free pool materials available.

As we stated above, fiberglass pools can be installed very fast. How fast? Most are installed in just a couple of days. Compare this with a concrete pools, which take a few months to install. Many homeowners like the speed of fiberglass installation because it minimizes the interruption and disarray caused by any large home improvement project

fiberglass pools installation process explained
fiberglass pools installation in Orange County
Fiberglass pools and spas take up to 7 days to be installed in your backyard
Fiberglass pools and spas take up to 7 days to be installed in your backyard



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